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Feature articles on Judith Neilson's landmark buildings and the architects who created them.

Dangrove: Redefining the art of art storage

The inner Sydney suburb of Alexandria, created in 1844, began life as mostly terrace housing, but by the 1940s had established itself as Australia’s largest industrial district. Today, Alexandria, along with the Green Square development, is in the

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Indigo Slam and the rebirth of Chippendale

Sydney's Chippendale wasn't always a gentrified hub of students, young business professionals, fantastic food and innovative architecture. In fact, one hundred years ago, it was considered a slum. A large part of what has made Chippendale one of the

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Welcome to JN Projects Architecture

Judith Neilson's philanthropic projects that span contemporary art from China, performing arts and journalism, to name a few. One of Judith's lesser-known areas of cultural investment is in modern urban architecture. These projects consist of a

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