Snapshots from the Archive

Different members of the Dangrove, White Rabbit Gallery and Phoenix Central Park teams will post here on occasion about aspects of their work with JN Projects.

Bad Behaviour: Toilets and Classrooms in the paintings of Zhao Yanbin

The White Rabbit Collection holds two of Zhao Yanbin’s paintings: Tomorrow We Have Class as Usual (2014) and A Huge Toilet (2016). Both paintings are based on Zhao’s childhood memories of studying in small-town, rural areas, and both are influenced

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Peng Hung-Chih’s The Deluge – Noah's Ark, 2014

Peng Hung-Chih’s (b.1969) eight-metre sculpture of a twisted cruise ship, The Deluge – Noah’s Ark, was slowly assembled over four months during the 2014 Taipei Biennial, in full-view of exhibitions visitors. To create the work, thirty 3D printers

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Yang Shen’s White Rabbit Slide, 2016

Artists’ preparatory sketches offer glimpses into the process of composing an image. In 2018, Beijing-based artist Yang Shen (b.1973) donated preparatory sketches for his work White Rabbit Slide (2016) to the White Rabbit Collective Archive.

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He Yunchang’s firewood in the White Rabbit Collection Archive

In 2018, performance artist He Yunchang donated a bundle of chopped wood to the Judith Neilson/White Rabbit Collection Archive, considering this to be the most appropriate documentation of his artistic practice. He Yunchang began chopping firewood

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Tools and Technology: Wang Jianwei’s F-Clamp and the Autonomy of the Artist

In 2018, Wang Jianwei donated an f-clamp to the White Rabbit Collection Archive, explaining that this object was a tool that he had used in the process of creating the work Dirty Substance 1, held in the White Rabbit Collection.  

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