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Performance Art, Archives and Academic Research

Yu-Chieh Li, the Judith Neilson Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Art at UNSW Art & Design, recently completed a field trip to investigate the phenomenon of performance art festivals and live art in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan,

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Mao's Mangoes

Q: When is a mango more than a mango? A: In China, during the Cultural Revolution

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White Rabbit Collection Artists at the Venice Biennale 2019

Over the last few weeks as announcements about artists selected to represent their countries in the Venice Biennale’s oft-controversial national pavilions have hit the press, we’ve been waiting to hear whose work would feature in the China Pavilion.

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He Yunchang’s firewood in the White Rabbit Collection Archive

In 2018, performance artist He Yunchang donated a bundle of chopped wood to the Judith Neilson/White Rabbit Collection Archive, considering this to be the most appropriate documentation of his artistic practice. He Yunchang began chopping firewood

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Podcast: Chinese writer Xue Yiwei

Chinese writer Xue Yiwei, who lives and works in Montreal, Canada, was a guest of the 2018 Sydney Writer’s Festival. He spoke to Luise Guest about his book ‘Shenzheners’, which was inspired by James Joyce’s collection of short stories ‘Dubliners’,

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