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Discover the latest news and information from White Rabbit Collection, one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary art from China.

Launching The Ship of Time at the NGV

Installing large artworks is always complicated, time-consuming and fraught with difficulty – much more so when a huge work needs to be trucked to a different city and constructed in situ  from delicate bamboo poles, pieces of knotted string and

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After the Big Bang: a New Book from the White Rabbit Collection

99 Contemporary Chinese Artists: In 2015 Judith Neilson began work on a new book about selected artists in the White Rabbit Collection. Originally it was to feature 100 artists, then 101, then 110. Various numbers were thrown around and their merits

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Beijing Lights

White Rabbit Gallery's Hannah Toohey muses on her first impressions of Beijing in this personal account of a recent trip accompanying Manager of Research Luise Guest as she travelled to artists' studios conducting interviews for the Judith

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A Fairy Tale in Red Times: The White Rabbit Collection at the NGV

A Fairy Tale in Red Times: Works from the White Rabbit Collection is the first dedicated museum exhibition showcasing works from Judith Neilson’s White Rabbit Collection.

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